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Network auditing tools for war driving: Video and quiz

Test your knowledge of network auditing tools by viewing this video and taking the quiz that follows. Know how to best tackle network access points and get a chance to be rewarded.

This contest has ended, but you can still take the quiz! Thanks to all who participated.

When performing war driving, it is important to understand the ins and outs of the network auditing tools you may be utilizing in order to successfully locate and get details on wireless network access points. These network auditing tools offer detailed information on the access points, including client information, the SSID, MAC address and authentication method.

LearnSmart Systems, provider of e-learning, soft skills and IT certification training, reviews several network auditing tools, including their various auditing and reporting capabilities and their use in several different scenarios.

The video below is an excerpt from online certification training applicable to anyone seeking a security-related certification, such as CompTIA Security+, CISSP or CEH certification. Once you have viewed the video, take the quiz to test your knowledge of the material and information covered in the video. Those who score 100% on the quiz will be eligible for a drawing to win a full one-year access to LearnSmart’s CISSP Video Training. Good luck!

LearnSmart War Driving and Auditing Tools Quiz

1. What are the main functions of NetStumbler? *This question is required
2. True or false: NetStumbler will differentiate between WEP and WPA if it says it's encrypted. *This question is required
3. In the GPS example provided, what is the main purpose of KNSGEM? *This question is required
4. True or False: Vistumbler only works with Windows 7 or Windows XP. *This question is required
5. What does "SNR" stand for? *This question is required
6. Is it better to have a higher or lower SNR? *This question is required
7. When looking at Google Earth, what does it mean if the access point is green? *This question is required
8. With NetStumbler, what does the color coding tool indicate when looking at Google Earth? *This question is required
9. True or False: Adding external antennas to Vistumbler can reveal additional access points available. *This question is required
10. Though offering the same information as NetStumbler and Vistumbler, what additional information does Kismet provide? *This question is required
11. What does KisMAC do? *This question is required
12. When OmniPeek and Wireshark are capturing data, what type of traffic do you primarily want to examine? *This question is required
13. Why is war driving considered illegal in some areas? *This question is required

This was last published in October 2011

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