• Telecom transformation requires new services architecture

    As telecom networks converge on IP, the promise has been that new services will be easy and fast to configure. But reality needs to catch up with the promise. In this podcast, CIMI Corp. President Tom Nolle talks about ExperiaSphere, his open source next-generation network (NGN) services architecture.

  • IPv6 network security issues podcast

    Learn about the network security issues associated with the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) from 'IPv6 Security' book author Scott Hogg. In this podcast interview he explains how you can protect your enterprise network against these vulnerabilities and more.

  • Next-gen networks: Why you need to get there

    This 10 minute podcast addresses what communications service providers need to deliver to create higher margins and differentiate themselves from their competitors or face selling commodity bits per second.

  • From NOCs to ROCs: Helping service providers monitor business operations

    The introduction of more complex service offerings on multiple platforms, and the sheer volume of services rocketing across multiple carrier networks around the globe, means more complex revenue tracking, too. Studies show "revenue leakage" from technical errors and fraud is increasing to near-epidemic levels, and that, along with service providers ramping up a record number of new service packages with individual price points can lead to flawed processes, poor systems integration, invoicing errors and incomplete or incorrect usage data. In this 10 minute podcast, Jeff Cotrupe and Kate Gerwig discuss how service providers are using a revenue operations center (ROC) to at long last integrate revenue processes with the rest of their OSS/BSS fabric.

  • Wireless LAN vulnerabilities

    Learn about common wireless LAN vulnerabilities and how a few best practices can change wireless LAN issues from a problem into a helpful tool for any enterprise in this 10-minute podcast with Burton Group analyst Paul DeBeasi.

  • Networking podcasts

    Listen to our networking podcasts and learn more about technologies you need to know to keep your network running smoothly.

  • Wireless hot spot security -- podcast

    Learn how to keep your enterprise network secure while your mobile workforce utilizes public wireless hot spots, in this podcast.

  • Earn more money and further your networking career -- podcast

    Learn how to further your networking career in this podcast featuring advice from training and certification expert Ed Tittel. You'll have a better idea of how to earn more money, and you'll learn what area of networking is the hottest right now, as well as whether certifying -- CCNA or otherwise -- is better than a degree.

  • Embedded network security

    The line between networking and security products keeps getting fainter, but is there an end in sight? This podcast explores what to expect in the next 12 to 18 months and how IT professionals specializing in networking or security should prepare themselves.

  • Network disaster planning for pandemic flu: Plan for the worst, get the best results

    Hear from networking industry guru Zeus Kerravala in this podcast about best practices when developing a disaster plan for pandemic flu. Get the low-down on what's most critical to act on today and how you can map out a game plan for long-term protection.