Wireless hot spot security -- podcast

Learn how to keep your enterprise network secure while your mobile workforce utilizes public wireless hot spots, in this podcast.

Lisa Phifer
While wireless LAN hot spots are a great convenience for today's mobile workforce, they also present a security risk when that workforce lacks some basic security know-how. As the networking pro at your company, you can help inform and arm your mobile workers against potential threats at hot spots.

In this podcast featuring wireless expert Lisa Phifer's advice, you will learn what fake access points are and how to avoid them; keep your credit card numbers secure over wireless connections; and learn how to navigate wireless hot spots securely.

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Wireless hotspot security
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  • 1:38: What is a fake access points (AP)? How are they dangerous?
  • 2:22: What might happen if you were to connect to a fake AP?
  • 2:40: How can you protect yourself against man-in-the-middle attacks?
  • 3:17: How can you avoid fake APs?
  • 4:30: Can you avoid fake APs with hot spots that don't support WPA or WPA2?
  • To browse on this topic or to ask Lisa your enterprise wireless networking questions, visit Lisa Phifer's Ask the Expert section.

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    This was last published in March 2008

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