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Understanding DNS IPv6 issues for World IPv6 Day and beyond

Domain name system (DNS) IPv6 expert Cricket Liu discusses where enterprises stand on DNS in the IPv4 to IPv6 transition and what this will mean for World IPv6 Day in this podcast.

In this SearchEnterpriseWAN.com podcast, moderator Allison Ehrhart discusses concerns around domain name system (DNS) and IPv6 with expert Cricket Liu. Cricket Liu is vice president of architecture at Infoblox and author of several books, including DNS and BIND, which devotes a section to DNS IPv6 concerns. He talks about where enterprises stand on DNS in IPv6, how to start the IPv6 transition process if your enterprise is concerned with DNS switches and what needs to happen with DNS servers on June 8, 2011—which is World IPv6 Day—and beyond. 

In this 8-minute podcast, listen to Liu's answers around the DNS IPv6 questions below:

  • Where are most enterprises in terms of making the IPv6 migration? [:36 sec. into podcast]
  • What is needed to move to IPv6? [1:03 min.]
  • What DNS IPv6 concerns do people have? [2:06 min.]
  • How can enterprises properly set up DNS to support IPv6? [2:50 min.]
  • What problems are expected to occur on World IPv6 Day in terms of DNS? [4:15 min.]
  • What problems might occur with DNS IPv6 as enterprises continue to deploy IPv6? [6:24 min.]
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Understanding DNS IPv6 issues

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To learn more about DNS IPv6 issues see how OpenDNS is helping network pros with its IPv6 sandbox in this blog post. 

About the speaker: Cricket is Infoblox's Vice President of Architecture and serves as a liaison between Infoblox and the DNS community. He worked for HP for nearly 10 years, where he ran hp.com, one of the largest corporate domains in the world, and helped found HP's Internet consulting business. Cricket later co-founded his own Internet consulting and training company, Acme Byte & Wire. After Network Solutions acquired Acme Byte & Wire and later merged with VeriSign, Cricket became director of DNS Product Management.

This was last published in June 2011

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