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Podcast: SDN and OpenFlow pitfalls and potential at TIP 2013

Executive editor Rivka Gewirtz Little reports live from Honolulu, where the latest news about SDN and OpenFlow creates buzz among TIP attendees.

In the research and education (R&E) environment, OpenFlow and SDN have moved well past theory and into testing and even production. So last week at the Techs in Paradise (TIP) 2013 conference in Honolulu, R&E engineers dug into the technology, exploring both its potential and challenges.

While most TIP attendees said they aren't yet re-architecting their networks based on OpenFlow SDN, they are in the early stages of solving isolated network problems with the technology (think firewall management) and using it to test network virtualization for splicing and segmentation.

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In this initial work, engineers are finding a range of OpenFlow challenges, including problems with information loss between the controller and the switch , for example.

According to some, there are too many problems for OpenFlow to be a viable option. Meanwhile others are full steam ahead in finding solutions.

Executive editor Rivka Gewirtz Little was in attendance and provided Shamus McGillicuddy, news director, and Rachel Shuster, associate editor, with some perspective from the conference.

This was last published in January 2013

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