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Five myths that cloud hybrid-era network management, monitoring

In this podcast, expert John Burke debunks five common myths about network management and monitoring in hybrid environments.

Since the advent of cloud computing, system administrators have had to adjust to working in an often-confusing technological world, one populated with a bewildering mix of both internal and external components. Not only does cloud complicate network admin matters in general, but there are also varieties of cloud environments with which sysadmins must deal. In this podcast, Nemertes Research expert John Burke focuses on the affect of the hybrid cloud on network management and monitoring. Specifically, he explores five cloud myths, any one of which could be muddling your understanding of what's changed, and what hasn't, in the new hybrid environment.

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Myth no. 1 is that the "magic of cloud" guarantees great network performance. In truth, Burke explains, there are all sorts of issues that will continue to affect performance, such as WAN issues, packet loss, and cloud-provider problems. Even the best-engineered cloud environment can have significant performance problems; the cloud is no magic bullet.

A distinctly different misunderstanding of networks in the hybrid-cloud era is that sysadmins can't tell what is going on in the network anymore "with everything spread out the way it is now." Burke debunks this second prevalent myth, explaining that -- despite a pretty bewildering mix of internal systems, data centers, colocation facilities, hosted applications and cloud-based apps -- there are still vantage points from which you can get a good sense of your network's performance.

Our network expert goes on to explore many other issues and misunderstandings, including how to determine if what you have is really a hybrid cloud environment at all and, if it is, what tools you already have on hand (think class of service and quality of service features) that will increase your network's performance.

Listen to the podcast to get all the details as Burke explores these too-common myths about network management and monitoring in today's hybrid-cloud environment.

This was last published in May 2014

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