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Expansion during recession: The trend of remote offices

In this podcast on remote offices' expansion during recession, Nemertes Research analyst John Burke discusses the current trends in remote branch offices. He discusses trends in telecommuting, how the recession has affected branch office growth, what’s driving change in branch offices and how to address the never-ending challenge of branch office security.

Whether staff is located in the main office or remote offices, it has become increasingly difficult to keep employees up to date on what constitutes safe computing. In remote offices it is even more difficult because there is usually no IT staff on the premises to keep networks secure. Furthermore, the only type of expansion during recession that was seen seemed to be the geographic spread of employees across larger distances. As the economy emerges from the recession, one 2011 WAN outlook reports an increase in remote offices – meaning that IT engineers and managers will have to deal with more telecommuters and keep remote workers from threatening network security.

In this podcast on remote offices, Nemertes Research analyst John Burke and TechTarget editor Elaine Hom discuss the current trends in remote branch offices. They discuss how the recession has affected branch office growth, and John gives his opinion on the rising trend of telecommuting andwhat’s driving change in branch offices. He also talks about how to address the never-ending challenge of branch office security.

Listen to this podcast where John Burke discusses remote branch offices and answers the following questions:

  • 0:38 How has the current recession affected the growth and development of remote offices?
  • 1:59 What happens to remote offices as the recession recedes?
  • 2:47 Aside from the economy, what is driving change in the number of branch offices?
  • 4:46 Are the number of telecommuters really increasing? If so, why?
  • 6:45 What do you think is the biggest challenge in remote branch office security and what can network managers do to tackle it?
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Trends of remote offices

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To learn more about remote access, read the tips John Burke wrote on how to secure different remote office connections, or read our WAN security and performance tutorial:

About the speaker: John Burke is a principal research analyst with Nemertes Research, where he focuses on software-oriented architectures and management. He develops and manages research projects, conducts strategic seminars and advises clients. As an analyst, John draws on his experiences as a practitioner and director of IT to better understand the needs of IT executives and the challenges facing vendors trying to sell to them.

This was last published in March 2011

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