Earn more money and further your networking career -- podcast

Learn how to further your networking career in this podcast featuring advice from training and certification expert Ed Tittel. You'll have a better idea of how to earn more money, and you'll learn what area of networking is the hottest right now, as well as whether certifying -- CCNA or otherwise -- is better than a degree.

Ed Tittel
If you've had questions about where to go in your networking career path -- whether they be about certification, training or going to school -- listen to what job and training expert Ed Tittel has to say about getting your foot in the door and earning more money down the road.

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How to earn more money and further your networking career
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1:15: What area of networking pays the most?

2:35: Will employers hire me if I only have certifications?

4:06: Should I get a degree or CCNA certified?

5:50: Is it better to earn certifications or pursue a masters degree?

For more network certification and training advice, visit Ed Tittel's Ask the Expert section, or ask him your own questions at the IT Knowledge Exchange.

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This was last published in January 2008

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