Cut your certification costs with advice from Learning@Cisco -- Podcast

After readers wrote in to ask how they could get certified for less, we got Learning@Cisco's Fred Weiller on the phone to explain why certifications are more important than ever, and how you can afford them. (Podcast)

In today's economy, networking certifications may be more important than ever for giving you an edge in the job market. But many network pros find the cost of obtaining those certifications insurmountable.

In this six-minute podcast, find out what Cisco is doing to help cut your certification costs. Fred Weiller, director of marketing for Learning@Cisco, explains how the company is creating new online initiatives to aid self-training and to point potential students to government-sponsored or -subsidized education programs.

For more information, read our recent article about the importance of alternatives to get around rising certification costs, which got a number of reader responses. One of the most common refrains was that -- as one reader put it -- employers in the past didn't seem to care about certifications, but now the credentials appear indispensable even as companies seem less willing to defray the costs. That reader, from Riverside, Calif., said he will move forward and study for the CCNA exam without knowing whether he can really afford all the costs.

For readers in similar situations, in addition to the tips offered in the podcast, Weiller suggested checking out Learning@Cisco's newly launched Cisco Learning Network.

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Learning@Cisco's Weiller hopes to help you cut your certification costs
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This was last published in February 2009

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