Green clouds take shape: Five providers' eco-friendly tech strategies


AISO soaks up solar energy to power entirety of hosting operations

Source:  AISO

When images of green technology come to mind, they're likely to look like something along the lines of what Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO) has implemented in its Romoland, Calif. facility. Since its founding in 1997, the Web hosting company has made sustainability a focus and now runs its entire office -- including servers, hardware, network and air conditioning -- with power from the sun via an on-site solar array. The hosting provider collects rainwater to cool its hosting operations, illuminates its facilities naturally with solar tubes made of recycled materials and reduces energy usage by 60% with AMD Opteron-powered IBM servers. Even with so much green on its agenda, Affordable Internet Services Online hasn't lost the promise in its full name. AISO proves efficiency and affordability can be complements: Its solar panels may have required an investment of around $100,000, but with a power bill of $0, the company has found a balance that isn't always possible for businesses that claim eco-friendly status simply by purchasing carbon offsets.

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