Green clouds take shape: Five providers' eco-friendly tech strategies


Renewable energy, free cooling keep Interxion data centers sustainable

Source:  Interxion

Taking advantage of local resources is a key component to maximizing the environmental benefits of green technology. Based in the Netherlands, managed services provider Interxion relies on the chilly Scandinavian air and seawater as sources of free cooling for the data center. More than half of the power the provider sources to its 33 data centers across 11 countries comes from renewable water, sun or wind sources. Interxion saves additional energy by recycling heat through a closed-loop design and isolating hot and cold air with aisle containment. Winner of accolades such as IT Operator of the Year in the 2011 and 2012 Green IT Awards, Interxion keeps a standard of individual power metering to help streamline its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), which it has improved each year for the past decade.

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