Networking 2012: Top ten news stories of the year


Cisco bids farewell to the application delivery controller market, sort of

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Cisco's market share in the application delivery controller market has been slipping for years because, let's face it, Cisco missed a market transition. Load balancers are just a commodity nowadays. To compete, you need an application delivery controller (ADC) with advanced application intelligence for acceleration along with integrated functions (like Web application firewalls, SSL termination) and advanced features (multi-tenancy, virtual appliances). Our readers definitely noticed when Cisco officially pulled out of the ADC market (kind of), retiring the Application Control Engine (ACE). Cisco just couldn't keep up with F5 Networks, Citrix Systems and Radware. Of course, Cisco didn't drop out of the ADC game completely. It's wise enough to know that many of its customers want a complete solution. So not long after we played taps for ACE, Cisco announced a broad partnership with Citrix that included integration of the NetScaler ADC into Cisco's networking portfolio.

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