Software-defined network technology interest now, future investment


Network virtualization platform: Potential for many uses cases

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When a network virtualization platform finally does get put to work, users see a wide range of use cases that include segmentation for better server virtualization management and provisioning of virtual network components.

When asked how a network virtualization platform can be used, 81% of 306 respondents said network virtualization technology can help create virtual instances of network components such as firewalls and load balancers; 81% of 305 respondents said it can help create virtual instances of switches and routers; 85% of 306 respondents said it can help manage VLANs; 72% of 301 respondents said it can help provision virtual instances of entire networks; 79% of 301 respondents said it can help deploy networks that enable virtual servers and migration, and 84% of 295 respondents said it can help enable centralized control of virtual network components.

Additionally, when 81 respondents were asked how they plan to use a network virtualization platform, 70% said they would use it to manage their server virtualization environment. Another 63% said would use it to build a private cloud network for their enterprise/organization, and 60% said it would work in their data center networks.

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