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Mobile network management applications offer monitoring on the go


Kratos Network Solutions present network management app, DopplerVUE

Kratos Network Solutions has developed the app dopplerVUE, which runs on a server and monitors the network, offering access to information on any browser as well as any mobile device OS.  DopplerVUE integrates fault, performance and discovery into a unified dashboard from across devices, applications and services.

The app uses automatic discovery for mapping and charting performance status. It also offers views of inventory lists, devices, interfaces and targets. The dopplerVUE dashboard shows the state of virtual and physical security health.  It also shows status metrics for servers and physical security devices -- both IP and non-IP.

This app is also IPv6 Ready and includes an onboard MIB compiler. It also helps to optimize time and resources by automating network management tasks and streamlining operations. DopplerVUE also continuously monitors device configurations and delivers real-time alerts when configuration changes occur.

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