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Mobile network management applications offer monitoring on the go


Paessler AG’s iPRTG v3.0 application bids mobile network management

Paessler AG recently announced its latest version of iPRTG, the mobile monitoring app for PRTG, its network monitoring software. The PRTG solution provides constant monitoring of LANs, WANs, servers, websites and other appliances by pulling data directly from the PRTG server and displaying it on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

There are several new features included in this latest version of the app, including landscape orientation and a more complete view of graphs, maps and other monitoring data. Another notable new feature is the "Send Email" function, which enables users to open a new window in their device’s inherent email application with a direct link to a monitoring object in the PRTG Web interface. This lets administrators delegate tasks to team members directly from the management app.

Other new features include log entry and geomaps of sensors, the ability to change sensor/device settings from within the app, the ability to edit comments within the app, and an additional setting for "Repeat Alarms" to create ongoing reminders if the count of sensors is altered.

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