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When deploying SD-WAN technology, do your homework

A plethora of options can complicate software-defined WAN technology buying decisions. To get the most out of their deployments, enterprises should first do their homework.

Many kids eagerly anticipate a time when they can leave homework behind them forever. Remember that old end-of-year schoolyard chant? "No more pencils, no more books! No more teachers' dirty looks!"

Well, school may be out forever, for some of us, but that doesn't mean we won't always have homework.

Case in point: Network managers considering deploying SD-WAN technology would do well to look before they leap, so they end up with the architecture and tools that best meet their needs. That means spending some time researching options, crunching numbers and prioritizing remote sites.

Deploying SD-WAN technology can truly revolutionize an enterprise network, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of on-the-ground user stories. Technology that can exponentially improve performance while cutting costs might sound too good to be true, but, in many cases, it isn't. That said, software-defined WAN technology solves a lot of problems, but like everything in life, you'll likely get out what you put into it.

Today's software-defined WAN market is a veritable buffet of choices, with something for everyone -- hybrid connectivity or dual internet? Startup or major vendor? Managed service or stand-alone product? You've got options, and we have the information you need to pick the right one for your organization. Start with this guide to SD-WAN technology deployment.

Now, like your parents used to tell you: Go do your homework. We'll be here to help. 

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This was last published in March 2017

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