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SN blogs: mobile management protection needs improvement

SN blogs: This week, a security analyst shares his 2015 predictions; a consultant highlights the need for thoughtful IPv6 implementation.

Unless you get enterprise mobility management protection from Symantec Corp., McAfee or Sophos, your mobile device probably isn't completely secure, says Current Analysis analyst Paula Musich. According to Musich, malware that is being developed specifically for mobile devices is more sophisticated than authentication and certificate-based access control can handle. And if you are an Android user, even more threats are on the horizon. Musich explains that Palo Alto Networks research recently discovered that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Coolpad Group Ltd. added backdoors to 10 million Android devices. The backdoor, named "CoolReaper," may have the ability to interrupt anti-virus programs. Viruses are common on Android devices, but Musich said iOS platforms aren't completely safe either. A new mobile remote access Trojan (mRAT) targets jail-broken iOS devices and tricks users into downloading an application that can steal user credentials, launch distributed denial of service attacks and spy on end users.

Read how Musich advices to protect your mobile device from sophisticated malware.

IT service management is not at a standstill

Enterprise Management Associates blogger Dennis Drogseth says that contrary to the idea that innovation is stagnant, IT service management (ITSM) is evolving just like the rest of the technology industry. Analytics and automation in particular are going to have an impact on ITSM, predicts Drogseth. Moreover, as ITSM transitions from the back office to the front office, analytics will play a role in helping enterprises evaluate perspectives from real user experiences and enable them to share those insights with development and operations. Automation will come in to play with change management. Drogseth believes automation will help streamline otherwise fragmented and manual processes. In order for these predictions to become reality, Drogseth says that governance, process, dialogue and business will need to align. 

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No surprises: Network security threats to increase in 2015

In a "last minute" round-up of cybersecurity predictions, Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Jon Oltsik gives a list of 10 trends to keep an eye on. Among the most important: the widespread impact of the cybersecurity skills shortage. Oltsik blogged about the need to attract more security professionals throughout 2014, and not much has changed in his opinion. The result? Salary inflation for the professionals who do exist. Oltsik also warns that healthcare information is a target of cyber criminals. Since credit card theft is becoming less lucrative, health insurance providers and large hospitals are at risk -- along with the patient data that is kept in those networks.

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In IPv6 implementation, lock down access to routers

In a recent blog post on PacketPushers, Brooks Consulting principal consultant Jeff Loughridge discussed the importance of properly implementing IPv6. In a sort of public service announcement, Loughridge points out that while he has seen countless service providers lock down access to routers in their IPv4 implementations, he sees the same providers leaving IPv6 completely open. The center of the issue is that many infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers are not securing inter-tenant instance connectivity for IPv6 multicast or link local destinations. He has been notifying providers of this problem for a year and he says he has been getting mixed responses. Most notably and perhaps slightly unnerving to Loughridge is that it seems some providers "just don't care at all." While the issue is not as serious as vulnerabilities exposed by the Heartbleed flaw, he says it's important that IT professionals are aware of it.

Read more about how Loughridge says to test for inter-tenant instance connectivity for IPv6 multicast or link local destinations.

This was last published in January 2015

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