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SN blogs: Why mobile application protection is necessary

Networking blogs: This week, analysts discuss the importance of mobile application security, the future of VDI and FIDO's v1 specification.

Why adopting MDM is just the start of mobile device security

Nemertes Research Group analyst John Arkontaky says that investing in mobile application protection is one of those things that can be costly and only pays off when fighting off an attack. But, it is worth the investment. He says that several vendors offer enterprise mobility management, and it provides more depth in security measures for smart devices. With a predicted 61% of companies adopting mobile device management by the end of 2014, Arkontaky advises going a step further to mobile application management for even tighter security.

Read what Arkontaky says about how mobile security threats affect enterprises.

FIDO offers new authentication method

Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Principal Analyst and founder Jon Oltsik details what's been going on with the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, which is championing a new specification that it contends provides inexpensive and universal multi-factor authentication and a favorable alternative to the standard password/username method. FIDO published its v1 specification last week, outlining what it hopes will be standard authentication protocols used to ensure access to smartphones, tablets and PCs. While Oltsik is in favor of the specification, FIDO's success, he says, is in the hands of the consumer and enterprise. "The proof," he says, "will be in the pudding."

Read the details about FIDO's v1 specification.

Why operators should be more involved in standards-making process

PacketPushers blogger Chris Grundermann thinks that network operators should have more input into design strategies. He says that if operators, the people making sure the show runs smoothly, were more involved with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), standards processes would work better. Grundermann and his colleagues are seeking operator communities to participate in a survey that might offer some insight into this predicament.

Read about Grundermann's opinion on operators and how they should be more involved in the IETF standards process.

The future of virtual desktop infrastructure

Analyst Keith Townsend discusses the future of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in his Virtualized Geek blog. Townsend suggests that VDI is not worth the investment for companies that are interested in offline computing. For enterprises that are looking to move toward cloud-based applications, VDI is not going to help with the shift.

Read more about what Townsend says about the future of VDI.

This was last published in February 2014

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