SN blogs: Why managed security service providers are gaining traction

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss the importance of outsourcing cyber-security, the growth WAN-cloud flexibility and tricks to ensure data control.

Outsourcing cyber security: Which vendor will take the lead?

Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Jon Oltsik says that investments in managed security service providers is on the rise. The combination of increased cyber-security threats and a shortage of security professionals is a main cause in this paradigm shift, according to Oltsik. According to a recent ESG survey, 45% of enterprise organizations are investing in cyber-security training services for IT and non-IT employees, 41% are investing in managed network security services and 23% of organizations have outsourced incident and detection response completely. At this point, there is no single service vendor that stands out as the market leader. Oltsik says the opportunity is wide open for vendors as varied as AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Lockheed and Raytheon, among others, to invest in marketing to establish leadership, visibility and specialization.

Read the other impacts Oltsik says this paradigm shift will have on the tech industry.

WAN-to-cloud services becoming more flexible

Current Analysis analyst Brian Washburn says that increased WAN to cloud connectivity is becoming increasingly popular with service providers and this means good things for the enterprise. Providers like AT&T, Verizon and XO have launched or upgraded services to directly connect their multiprotocol label switching WAN edge to the data center. Washburn says that since most WAN providers offer similar WAN-to-cloud connectivity, prices should stay relatively low. For enterprises that need to connect to international data centers, the cloud makes dealing with unpredictable traffic a little more convenient.

Read more about the service providers who are providing WAN-to-cloud connectivity services.

Protect the individual while accessing his data

Enterprise Strategy Group Analyst Nik Rouda discusses how companies can use information about individuals to seed big data analytics projects without intruding on someone's privacy. By masking and encrypting specific details such as social security numbers and credit card numbers, a person's identity can be protected while useful information can still be accessed and analyzed. Rouda suggests that companies looking for a resource to help accomplish this use Dataguise, an application that offers tools to mask data. Rouda says that IBM and Oracle also offer tools to help with the process.

Read how Rouda says Dataguise can help protect privacy while still allowing access to information.

Without data protection you have no power, knowledge, money or control

Enterprise Management Associates analyst David Monahan discusses the importance of adding data control to the list of key enterprise security initiatives. With the growing popularity in bring your own device the ability to protect data is becoming more and more difficult. Data can be accidentally revealed by an individual, taken by a hacker or stolen by malware. Monahan suggests heavily encrypting data and allowing only users with special keys to access it in certain environments. Monahan suggests using Bluebox as a resource for companies that want to ensure data control.

Read more about how Monahan suggests securing data to minimize security risks.


This was last published in April 2014

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