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SN blogs: Shortage of information security skills worries analysts

In this week's networking blogs, analysts discuss a problematic shortage in security personnel and Verizon Cloud 2.0 offers new options for customers.

Shortage of information security puts all at risk

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Analyst Jon Oltsik reveals an alarming shortage of information security skills in the IT industry. Oltsik notes that the lack of security personnel is evident in a range of markets, from government to health care organizations. The security skills shortage that should have everyone concerned, however, is in the retail and wholesale industries, Oltsik writes. According to ESG research, 27% of retail organizations say they have a "problematic shortage" of information security skills. This problem has already been seen in the data breaches at Target Corp. and Nieman Marcus and Oltsik says it won't be long until another incident occurs.

Read what Oltsik says about the efforts being made to bridge the security skills gap.

Add value to business and trust in your IT

Johna Till Johnson, chief executive officer and founder of Nemertes Research, continues her discussion from last week about the need for IT professionals to become trusted advisers within businesses. Johnson explains that a foundation built upon trusting the IT department will lead to a symbiotic relationship. IT professionals will add value in the form of innovative changes that will increase productivity, drive revenue and decrease goals. In turn, these positive outcomes will further increase the trust in IT. Since technology is at the core of all business strategies, Johnson says it is important for corporate executives to take advantage of the expertise that lies in IT departments.

Read more about how the increased role of IT will benefit the enterprise.

New Verizon Cloud offers alternative to Microsoft and Amazon

Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Wayne Pauley says that the new Verizon Cloud is a good choice for customers looking for high performance connectivity. The Verizon Cloud 2.0 offers an easy end-user experience with its unified interface and the ability to "Bring-Your-Own-Virtual Machine." Its relationship with leading software information management supplier Oracle is another benefit that customers can exploit by choosing the Verizon Cloud, Pauley writes.

Read what Pauley says about the benefits of choosing the Verizon Cloud 2.0.

Book review: Deploying OpenStack

PacketPushers blogger Russ White reviews the book Deploying OpenStack by Ken Pepple. The book provides an overview of OpenStack along with examples of how to create, manage and delete services within OpenStack Identity, OpenStack Glance and OpenStack Cinder. Overall, White says the book is well-written and uses a hands-on approach that would be great for security engineers. The book provides a lot of technical detail that could also be interesting to network design and architecture professionals.

Read the details of White's chapter descriptions.

This was last published in February 2014

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