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SN blogs: Mobile virtual network operators still have role to play

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss MVNO strategies, BYOD's positive effect on security and the importance of application monitoring.

MVNOs stay relevant despite technology advancements

Current Analysis blogger Kathryn Weldon says that mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are still relevant even though mobile operators are starting to sell directly to customers. Companies such as, RACO Wireless and Wyless were a few of the main players in the early 2000s when machine to machine was the primary method of cellular connectivity. In recent years these companies have added value incentives to their services such as asset management, vertical specialization and expanded coverage. Weldon says that if they continue to add value to their services, MVNOs will still have a place in the market.

Read the background Weldon gives on M2M and the future of MVNOs.

Increased mobility beneficial to network security

Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Jon Oltsik says that the initial chaos stemming from the advent of bring your own device helped many CISOs prepare for possible security threats. Oltsik cites ESG research that says the initial confusion from having personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace acted as fire drills for security teams. According to a recent ESG survey, 41% of respondents said that their mobile computing strategy and implementation has helped them coordinate their device and security controls. Moreover, 40% of respondents say that their mobile strategy has helped improve data access and controls. In the long run, the initial shock of increased technology in the workplace became an unintended preventive security measure.

Read the other ways Oltsik says a coherent mobile strategy helps improve network security.

Embarcadero to acquire ERwin

Enterprise Management Associates blogger Evan Quinn discusses Embarcadero's decision to buy the ERwin modeling tool from CA Technologies. For years, ERwin has been the go-to resource for data modeling. Yet as technology continues to evolve, the number of data sources and formats has increased as well, Quinn says, which means that ERwin is no longer the only data model. The rise of chief data officers and the use of a younger data model, Unified Modeling Language, have further complicated the data modeling landscape. Quinn says Embarcadero's focus on data modeling should help the company's efforts to revamp ERwin, freeing it from structures the IT-centric CA Technologies placed on the platform.

Read more of why Quinn says this new partnership will be a win-win.

Application monitoring essential to business success

LoveMyTool blogger Tim O'Neil suggests that monitoring your application is just as important as monitoring your network. In terms of productivity and overall business success, ensuring that your company's website is up and running properly is just as essential to success as the delivery of mission-critical applications to employees and customers. He lists five considerations that contribute to a successful application monitoring strategy -- they include the need for an integrated package of network, security and application managers to share full visibility into how applications and packets interact.

Read the other considerations Tim O'Neil lists to having a successful application monitoring strategy.

This was last published in March 2014

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How has increased mobility affected your security strategy?
With more and more of the company performing work-related tasks over their mobile devices and accessing content through the cloud, the increased mobility drastically affected my security strategy. I needed to create a secure, mobile network, as many of the users did not actually have any sort of security software installed on their devices. I had to take into consideration not only the mobile operating systems each individuals used, but the devices in general. This required the implementation of several new security code measures, which do require me to stay on top of updating the system much more frequently.
I'm being more careful when I sign on to wifi. And I'm transmitting less info when I'm on the road unless I'm jacked into a secure connection or have established a VPN.