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SN blogs: Mobile World Congress 2014 highlights new mobile industries

SN blogs: MWC highlights new mobile technology, Apple comes out with improvements to its MDM program, and analysts discuss big data and security.

2014 Mobile World Conference takes technology to the next level

Wireless expert Lisa Phifer blogs on AirWise Community about the 2014 Mobile World Conference that took place in Barcelona, Spain, last week. Phifer explains that in 2014 the term mobility applies to more than just cellphones. The conference highlighted emerging mobile industries, such as mobile payments and cloud deployments. Even this year's venue saw a huge advancement in technology from 2013. Last year, 72,000 conference attendees shared a wireless LAN made up of 260 access points, and even with that, density and interference were issues. This year, 75,000 attendees were supported by a network with 1,200 Wi-Fi access points underpinned by 52 kilometers of Ethernet as convention backers steered registrants from the cellular network to the conference's Wi-Fi network.

Read what Phifer says about the emerging technologies discussed at this year's conference.

Network management is still strong at IBM

Enterprise Management Associates blogger and network management expert Jim Frey details IBM's cloud-centric Pulse Conference, which took place last week. Frey says that in order for IBM's cloud initiatives to be successful, a robust network management strategy has to be a top priority. In addition to data analysis and software defined networking products unveiled at the conference, IBM introduced a new Software as a Service product called Service Engage, which provides new management tools on a cloud platform. While Service Engage doesn't offer specific network management tools just yet, Frey says that IBM probably will add these tools to the platform by the end of 2014. If it does, he adds, it will be a game changer for IBM and its customers by reducing cost and complexity.

Read more about the major announcements that caught Frey's attention at the IBM Pulse Conference.

Why big data is essential to security

Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Nik Rouda went to the RSA conference and was pleased to see that big data was a hot topic. Rouda says that most people at the conference were talking about big data in terms of analyzing data to pinpoint problems. But it isn't just about troubleshooting. Attackers from all sides are attracted to big data sources because they can find a lot of information at a single location. Combine the appeal that big data offers to hackers with constant updates, innovation and new connections, and big data is harder to keep secure than it was a year ago. Overall, Rouda was optimistic about efforts being made to keep data secure.

Read the details about the three ways Rouda says big data is connected to security.

Apple announces improvements to device enrollment and VPP program

Nemertes analyst and blogger John Arkontaky discusses the improvements to Apple's enterprise device enrollment and volume purchasing program. Basically, Arkontaky writes, Apple has made it easy for IT to enroll new devices. IT is now able to virtually configure mobile device management settings for a large number of end users. Devices are set up before they are even shipped out. A second improvement is that applications purchased by an end user are now retained by the organization even after that employee leaves the company. Before, if an employee left a company, the apps he had on his phone went with him.

Read more of the details about Apple's improvements to its VPP program.

This was last published in March 2014

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