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SN blogs: Lenovo Superfish security breach unnerves customers

SN blogs: Analysts this week discussed why big data analytics needs to be reassessed and why Lenovo's response to Superfish spawned consumer distaste -- and distrust.

Current Analysis analyst Mike Fratto said that if your company comes under scrutiny with public concerns about the security of a product, don't downplay the situation. Better yet, don't do anything that would break consumer trust in the first place, even if it might help your bottom line in the short term. Case in point, Fratto said, is the Lenovo Superfish episode, where computer manufacturer Lenovo installed a piece of software that not only inserted targeted advertising but also opened up a user's computer to potential security problems. Fratto said that Lenovo representatives initially downplayed the consequences of the Superfish software, saying that attacks are only theoretical. But as Fratto said, consumers never want third parties injecting advertisements into their Web experiences. More important, breaking the trust of your consumers will hurt your bottom line in the long run.

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Big data analytics builds on current technology strategy

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) analyst Nik Rouda reflected on his experience at the TDWI conference in Las Vegas. Rouda said that even though there may be people who are slightly hung up on traditional ways of conducting data analytics, conference attendees were there to become better educated on how big data analytics can be used to speed up processes and complement existing technology. He referenced an ESG poll of 370 respondents that found the majority of respondents somewhat satisfied with their BI/analytics vendors, with 34% planning to remain with their vendors almost exclusively going forward. But Rouda continued to point out that eventually, so-called blue ocean strategy practices will win out and people will need to use big data technology. Rouda reminded people that these new technologies do not eradicate older methods, but rather build upon them.

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Branded white-box switches is not right for all networks

Gartner research director Andrew Lerner said that brite-box switching, otherwise known as branded white-box switching, is not for everyone. While he has noticed more integration and more vendors coming up with white-box switches, these new offerings have specific targets. HP, for example, announced it will be combining Accton hardware and Cumulus software in its initiative, while Dell has expanded its brite-box offering to include a full brite-box Ethernet fabric offering based on Big Switch's Big Cloud Fabric. Even Cisco has ONIE -- a brite-box lynchpin -- in information about its Nexus 9k switches. But these products are only targeting large network operators, such as cloud providers, hosts and network service providers. Basically, if you buy switches in bulk -- 100 or more at a time --or if you have implemented DevOps, brite-box switching might appeal to your needs.

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VMware OpenStack can help enterprise IT departments

VirtualizedGeek blogger Keith Townsend said that anyone who thinks VMware OpenStack isn't useful to the enterprise doesn't understand the complex needs of enterprise computing. One of the challenges that enterprise IT departments face is shadow IT. Users are constantly accessing the public cloud to run personal cloud applications. In most cases, the hardware or software is not supported by an organization's IT department. Sometimes the IT department has not approved the technology or doesn't know that employees are using it. In order to maintain control of the network and have visibility over what is going on, an open infrastructure can be helpful. Townsend said that VMware Integrated OpenStack aims to meet the needs of these customers.

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This was last published in March 2015

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