SN blogs: IPv4 reaches routing threshold

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss using SDN to maximize WAN capabilities and new trends in information security.

IPv4 reaches route threshold

PacketLife blogger Jeremy Stretch wrote a brief public service announcement about IPV4 reaching the threshold of its plane capacity limit. At 500,000 routes, it is close to the ternary content addressable management maximum capacity of 512,000 routes that exist on popular routing platforms that include Cisco's 7600/6500 and RSP720/Sup720. Stretch says not to worry because it is easy to repartition the default scheme to make room for more IPv4 routes. Just be prepared to wait during the reboot process.

Read the graph that Stretch shares about the growth of border gateway protocol entries since the 1990s.

An inevitable shift in information security

Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Jon Oltsik discusses the inevitable direction of information cyber security. FireEye, IBM and Symantec all recently added threat prevention services to their portfolios. FireEye acquired nPulse, IBM created a threat prevention system and Symantec unveiled a new strategy. Oltsik says these announcements reflect a shift in the cyber security industry to an information security software architecture where security is more integrated. Oltsik goes a step further and identifies some implications of this shift. He says CISOs will push for open standards and security vendors will need to learn how to sell software architecture.

Read about the other implications of the shift in information security.

Creating an effective mobility strategy

Current Analysis blogger Harish Taori discusses the concept of bring your own device and how it is affecting the enterprise. He says enterprises are still working on managing secured data on personal employee devices as well as monitoring personal use versus work use of smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Creating a mobile strategy needs to be at the forefront of an enterprise's objectives. Taori gives some advice on where to start. One of his suggestions is to start a mobility steering committee that represents different business units.

Read the other suggestions Taori gives to creating an effective mobility strategy.

Reinventing the wide area network

Current Analysis blogger Mike Fratto discussed the importance of WAN-oriented software- defined networking at the Open Network Users Group conference. An SDN-anchored WAN could have several benefits in terms of accommodating disaster recovery initiatives and giving enterprises control over their networks as opposed to relying on service providers, Fratto says. It would also help expedite storage replication technologies when moving workloads between data centers. Overall, he writes, SDN frameworks offer a new concept that could help enterprises enhance wide area networks.

Read more about how Fratto says SDN could benefit the network.


This was last published in May 2014

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