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SN blogs: Dell as a data protection provider, good for enterprise

Dell switches from data protection reseller to innovative vendor; business intelligence heads to the cloud.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Jason Buffington says he is glad to see Dell is becoming a data protection provider, as opposed to a server and storage company reusing other vendors' data protection tools. Buffington says upgrades to Dell's DR and DL portfolios have really made a difference. Some of the notable upgrades Buffington mentions:

  • Encryption for data within the appliance ("at rest"), complementing Dell's existing "in-flight" encryption for its DR line of appliances;
  • Scale enhancements: Support for 6 TB drives and up to 25 TB per hour in backup speed for the Dell DR line of appliances; and,
  • Enhanced virtual machine (VM) recovery features, so that standby VMs can be powered up without waiting for traditional restoration of VM data to the original hypervisors for the DL series appliances.

Buffington says upgrades like these will allow Dell to become a complete provider of enterprise storage and data protection services.

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ONUG creates three working groups focused on open network management

Enterprise Management Associates analyst Shamus McGillicuddy says this month's Open Networking User Group meeting has expanded into network management and operations. After focusing for two years on services such as software-defined WAN, network virtualization overlays and network functions virtualization, the group has just created three more working groups highlighting network management. The groups, concentrating on traffic flow and visibility; network state collection, correlation and analytics, and the development of common management tools across network, storage and compute, will specify requirements for open network technology and start testing vendor products in the near future. McGillicuddy says that at future meetings, management vendors will likely start testing their products against ONUG's requirements. This is especially important if management vendors want to do business with the major companies that compose ONUG's membership.

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Cloud-based business intelligence good for the enterprise

Current Analysis analyst Brad Shimmin says that business intelligence (BI) vendors are starting to adopt the cloud, with suppliers combining a freemium approach to data discovery and visualization with a pay-as-you-go option for data storage and processing. Shimmin uses IBM as an example of this trend. Big Blue moved its Cognos business intelligence technology to the cloud and launched Watson Analytics -- the freemium data discovery and visualization cloud service. What does this mean for enterprise buyers? Shimmin says that cloud-based BI provides more flexibility and assurance. And since access and storage prices are dropping rapidly, this will make it easier for more enterprises to participate. With an enterprise's back end systems able to keep up via the cloud, this approach enables the user to keep up with business demands, added Shimmin.

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