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SN blogs: Analysts discuss how to prevent data breaches

SN blogs: In this week's roundup, analysts discuss the high cost of security, the RSA conference 2014 and the future of VDI.

The rising cost of security breaches and why risk management is important

Current Analysis blogger Paula Musich discusses how increased security budgets are necessary to prevent data breaches. It's clear that data breaches are becoming more costly each year. Musich sites a Ponemon Institute research study in which it was revealed that average losses are 18% higher than last year. The average data breach costs $188 per record. Musich explains, however, it is also important for CISOs to increase their risk management protocols to further protect against attacks.

Read what Musich says about the increased cost of breaches from 2012 to 2013.

RSA Conference 2014 predictions

Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Jon Oltsik makes predictions about potential "hot topics" at this week's RSA 2014 Conference in San Francisco. Among his predictions about areas that will receive particular scrutiny: advanced malware protection and prevention, security analytics and mobile computing security. Oltsik adds, however, that mobile computing security might not get as much attention as expected because of the corresponding Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Read Oltsik's other "hot topic" predictions.

Delta switch tested on Cumulus Networks' new OS

On PacketPushers, network administrator Willard Dennis had the opportunity to test a Delta Networks 6448r switch running Cumulus Networks' open source OS and only found minor drawbacks during his lab testing. Dennis writes that he appreciates the similarities between Cumulus Linux and Debian Linux, but he also raises the question of whether Linux will be able to do for switches what it did for servers. Says Dennis, "Will there be an eventual convergence between system admins and network engineers centering around Linux as the common platform? There are many questions such as these waiting to be answered, but I for one am excited about the possibilities."

Read the details of Dennis' lab testing of Cumulus Linux.

VDI is fading fast, but there are options on the horizon

Blogger Keith Townsend continues his discussion of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from the previous week. He says that even though VDI isn't dead, it is fading away. While Townsend himself believes VDI is a simple solution to a complex problem, it's important to think in terms of a business mindset to help a company make the best investment, which, long term, is not VDI. Townsend says, in fact, that VDI could disappear in as few as 10 years. To that end, Townsend advises anyone relying on a VDI solution to come up with an exit plan.

Read what Townsend says about DaaS as a possible alternative, at least in the short term.

This was last published in February 2014

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Besides increasing the security budget, what are other ways of reducing the risk of data breaches?
At present there are many ways to prevent data breaches and every company choose what they like more e.g. our firm decided to set up a network monitoring tool Anturis to be proactive any potential network security moments. After severla minor hacker attempts we think that we have made the right decison about the cloud-based monitoring tool Anturis that seems to be ideal for a small company and its security.