SN blogs: Advanced evasion techniques, a new security focus

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss a new security focus, how to overcome bureaucracy to maximize innovation and transforming ITSM

Advanced evasion techniques: another security risk factor

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Tony Palmer says that it is important for companies to start focusing on advanced evasion techniques (AET) and not just advanced persistent threats. Advanced persistent threats are already identified incidents and have been the main focus of the security industry thus far. AETs are multiple techniques used across several protocols that allow malware to get around security systems. Palmer cites McAfee research that says there are 800 million different combinations of AETs. Palmer recommends using Evador to test the strength of a firewall.

Read more about why Palmer says it's important to focus security initiatives on recognizing AETs.

Mobile application providers to focus on back-end integration

Charlotte Dunlap, Current Analysis senior analyst, says that mobile enterprise application platform providers are changing the foundations of their mobile application platforms. Providers are getting rid of integrated development environments on the front end and focusing instead on back-end integration. Dunlap says that vendors are relying on tools such as Xamarin and Service2Media to be used with their platforms to help with integration.

Read what Dunlap says vendors will want to differentiate on most.

How to promote innovation and deal with bureaucracy

Rand Leeb-du Toit, research director at Gartner blogs, says that while innovation is stressed in the technology industry, it is hard to deal with the industry's bureaucracy. He says that it is important to focus on rapid fire techniques to get things done and see results. He emphasizes experimentation as one of those techniques. Rewarding experimentation and killing off mediocre efforts are two suggestions that Leeb-du Toit makes to encourage companies to increase innovation.

Read the other seven ways du Toit says to experiment with innovative ideas. 

Transforming IT service management

Enterprise Management blogger and analyst Dennis Drogseth discusses the meaning of different terms related to IT service management (ITSM). When it comes to operations, the service desk and analytics, the three terms are started to blend together. Drogseth explains that operations and the service desk are beginning to see some integration. That combination, coupled with advanced operations analytics, will begin to transform the service management industry. Instead of alienated customers, ITSM will become a helpdesk relying on dialogue and human interaction—backed in turn by meaningful analytics.

Read where Drogseth says you can already see this integration happpening.


This was last published in May 2014

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