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SDN blogs: 2015 year of software-defined WAN?

In this week's SDN blogs, analysts discuss why SDN is more reliable than traditional networking, why SDN WAN will gain popularity in 2015 and Brocade’s new Vyatta Controller.

In a recent post on his IP Space Blog, Ivan Pepelnjak argues for controller-based networking being more reliable in today's world than traditional networking.

"An SDN solution that abstracts the dirty details of 'whatever' networking functionality is definitely an improvement over today's CLI-driven, box-by-box mentality," he says in the post.

Yet with most network problems nowadays arising from operator errors, Pepelnjak warns that making a configuration error on an SDN controller increases the blast radius of that miscalculation. Instead of misconfiguring a single device, he writes, the SDN controller helps you misconfigure the whole network, thus making role-based access controls that much more important in the SDN world than they are in the traditional world of networking.

Check out the full post here.

Is SDN WAN taking over in 2015?

In a recent entry on his Ethereal Mind Blog, Greg Ferro states that 2015 is the year for SDN WAN. Not only does a software-defined WAN optimize an enterprise's budget, Ferro writes, but "using overlay networking in the WAN gives you the same benefits as overlay networks in the data center."

Ferro lists a number of benefits enterprises can gain from deploying SDN WAN, like increasing utilization by directing traffic flows over unused links. Second, companies can use multiple providers and build a unified network, thus freeing themselves from a single multiprotocol label switching contract. Third, end-to-end visibility is improved, thanks to more granular analytics.

Find out more here about why 2015 is all about SDN WAN.

Brocade Vyatta Controller not just another SDN controller

In a recent blog post, Ethan Banks points out that a developer wiki was recently created for Brocade's Vyatta Controller. But this developer community is different from most, Banks says, because Vyatta is more than Brocade being "another vendor with yet another stinking SDN controller … encouraging developers to write for their platform."

That's due in part to Brocade's embrace of the open source OpenDaylight project and along with that, Brocade's strong push into the software networking space.

Check out the full post here and see how Brocade continues to be the center of many networking discussions.

This was last published in January 2015

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