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SAP application development framework gains traction

SN blogs: This week, application development continues to extend resources to business users; smaller security companies join efforts to increase advantages.

Current Analysis analyst Charlotte Dunlap says that the application development industry is gearing its energy toward next-generation application development with a focus on business users. She says that several vendors, such as Oracle, IBM and Salesforce, have all announced their own application development framework. SAP is the most recent vendor to offer something new. Some of the updates in the SAP framework include drag and drop components and simplified tools behind Web IDE. It's an important vendor strategy to continue to make applications easy to use. "These vendors grasp the importance of marketing new tools that distribute the app development process to a broader set of non-developers, recognizing the daunting task of addressing mounting mobile app development requirements," Dunlap writes.

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Damballa, Bit9+Carbon Black partnership highlights technology symbiosis

Enterprise Management Associates blogger David Monahan says that the security detection and response market will benefit from the growth of partnerships between smaller competitors, point solutions and focused technology companies. He calls it technology symbiosis and uses the recent partnership of Damballa Failsafe and Bit9+Carbon Black as an example. Damballa provides a network-based service that watches out for malicious behavior across packet flows. Bit9+Carbon Black is an endpoint-based technology system that stops malicious activity from gaining traction. Monahan writes, "For example, Failsafe on the network may detect malicious network traffic, and being able to query an endpoint agent, like Carbon Black, allows the malicious network traffic to be correlated to the file and process that initiated it. Having defensive and forensic capabilities on the endpoint is a significant advantage."

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EMC hybrid cloud strategy looks promising for the enterprise

EMC's hybrid cloud strategy brings automation, control and visibility to both IT departments and end users, writes Mark Bowker, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. IT is able to monitor activity without interfering with end-user work. Automated disaster recovery is another element of EMC's design that offers even more network protection in the hybrid cloud environment. Bowker noted that a major benefit of EMC's strategy is that it enables IT to become an advisor. "The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution enables IT to become a broker of trusted cloud services with a fully-engineered solution that enables users to consume IT services sourced from private and public clouds in a single hybrid environment," he wrote. The software can be built on Microsoft, OpenStack, or VMware cloud OS technologies and is compatible with public clouds like VMware vCloud Air, EMC’s cloud service provider partners and Amazon Web Services.

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Service management is important for the data center too

VirtualizedGeek blogger Keith Townsend says that planning a data center migration requires some effort. Strong service management capabilities are a must to avoid setbacks during migration. Townsend recommends that companies take an inventory of their servers and map out application dependency to ensure the migration goes according to plan. Being prepared will eliminate the risk of surprise. As Townsend explains, "The data center is a complex system that changes much more frequently than most executives understand. While the number of workloads may remain static, the configuration of the servers changes dramatically over a short period. It's this gap that catches many migration planners by surprise." If the budget is large enough, Townsend suggests investing in a dynamic service management tool.

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This was last published in October 2014

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