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Networking blogs: VMware enhances its mobile device capabilities

Networking blogs: This week VMware becomes a top player in mobile device management and analysts predict the future of enterprise engineering.

VMware ventures into MDM world with acquisition of AirWatch

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) analyst Jon Oltsik says VMware Inc. made a bold move with its recent acquisition of mobile device management (MDM) leader AirWatch LLC. The new relationship could make VMware a driving force in an IT community that is becoming more and more reliant on mobile device capabilities. Oltsik points to an ESG survey that says many enterprises are already using MDM technology and those that aren't are planning to integrate it in the near future. As far as VMware goes, Oltsik says that as long as it stays focused on mobile market development and a full-throated integration strategy, the company could have a great impact on the IT industry.

Read about ESG's survey and Oltsik's thoughts about the purchase

Knowing the details of your hardware and network configurations

LameJournal blogger John Herbert explains why it is important to know the hardware that you are using when dealing with network configurations. He gives some specific examples of popular network hardware and configurations that in the end deliver quite a bit less throughput and performance than initially assumed. Bottom line, make sure you know the performance limitations of whatever platform you might use and plan accordingly.

Read Herbert's examples of hardware architecture and its limitations.

What is latency?

LoveMyTool blogger D.C. Palter gives a step-by-step explanation of what causes latency. Because latency can mean various things depending on the person you ask, Palter simplifies things by saying it can be a combination of instances that lead to delays in transmission or response. It is important to understand what these instances are because they all impact application performance. In a perfect world, latency wouldn't exist, but in the real world there is no avoiding it. The more you know, the better it is, Palter writes, so you might as well understand what you're up against.

Read about the different kinds of delays that lead to overall network latency.

What does the future hold for the careers of enterprise engineers?

VirtualizedGeek blogger Keith Townsend leads an interesting discussion on the future of enterprise engineering. Townsend writes that the IT industry is a double-edged sword. Because constant reinvention is the goal, its evolution makes certain careers obsolete. To that end, Townsend advises engineers that it's time to add business skills to their resumes if they want to preserve the longevity of their careers. To stay relevant in the IT world, engineers must maintain their technical knowledge as well as add value to the commodity of enterprise service.

Read the advice Townsend gives to enterprise engineers.

This was last published in January 2014

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