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Networking blogs: Time for host-based security systems to mesh

In this week's blog roundup, see why it's time to integrate network- and host-based security applications and why a CCDE designation has value.

Integrating network and host-based security systems

Separate network- and host-based security strategies made sense in 1999. But guess what? 1999 was so 20th century. Today, argues Enterprise Strategy Group senior principal analyst Jon Oltsik, enterprises need common tightly integrated solutions that enforce application controls, anti-malware inspection or automated remediation on hosts or the network. Which vendor is best suited to capitalize on the integrated host/network security market?

Read more about Oltsik's analysis of the nexus between network- and host-based security applications.

CCDE designation separate, but equal to CCIE

Some say to-mah-to, some say to-ma-to; some say po-tah-to, some say po-ta-to; some say get a second CCIE, some say get a CCDE. So which is the best approach? PacketPushers blogger Russ White says it's time to stop treating the CCDE, or Cisco Certified Design Expert, as an "uber" CCIE and start treating the designation exactly what it is: a different certification in a completely different field of study. Agree? Disagree?

Check out White's arguments about the value of a CCDE certification and how it differs from a CCIE designation.

How virtualization changes the role of today's engineers's Keith Townsend says engineers' roles will be dramatically changed if VMware is able to deliver on the promise of its newly revamped Nicira-anchored network hypervisor. That's partly because virtualization not only eliminates the silos in between IT operations groups but also the silos within skill sets of individual engineers. Full convergence between networking, storage and compute will alter what enterprises are looking for in a systems engineer, Townsend says.

See more of Townsend's thoughts about how virtualization will affect the enterprise.

How deep is your cloud?

Blogger Gregory Ness at Archimedius says two key considerations that are sometimes overlooked in all the talk about the cloud's impact on IT are how many enterprise apps will actually be deployed and how those apps will be migrated.

Ness says that most cloud deployments have been for either small apps or for small DevTest environments. Cloud deployment for bigger, multi-tier apps with significant service requirements will require virtualization and some re-architecting, he says.

Read more comments in Ness' blog about cloud deployment of enterprise apps.

This was last published in August 2013

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A good post focusing on the important role of host-based security systems.