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Networking blogs: Restoring Internet trust in wake of growing attacks

Networking blogs: This week, analysts discuss how to restore trust in the Internet and the benefits of automation with the hybrid cloud.

Why we are losing trust in the Internet

PacketPushers blogger Jonathan Strine explains that restoring Internet trust needs to be a top priority. With recent attacks and government surveillance, he asks whether people are sure that they can still trust their firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs). While encryption tools have been a source of protection in the past, they are not proving to be resistant to recent attacks. Because hackers are becoming more sophisticated, data protection methods will need to follow suit. Strine says that something has to be done to rebuild trust in the Internet and advises that IT pros re-evaluate the products and services used, the type of data stored online and the ways in which information is communicated.

Read more on Strine's theory of trust in the Internet.

The hybrid cloud plus automation

Archimedius blogger Greg Ness addresses the argument that the hybrid cloud will cause IT departments to lose some control of security and management. Ness says that the hybrid cloud plus automation will actually increase control and agility, especially for large enterprises. He relies on two scenarios: 1) legacy complexity tax and 2) third-party data centers. The complexity tax scenario uses virtualization to solve the costly multi-step process that is usually required to add applications and servers to the data center. At the same time, hybrid cloud with automation allows enterprises to add the cloud as an extension to their existing data center to use on an as-needed basis.

See what else Ness has to say about the benefits of using the hybrid cloud with automation.

Mobile device management still in early development stages

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik reveals ESG research that discloses some serious shortcomings with today's mobile device management (MDM). According to the report, enterprise and IT professionals who have been using MDM technology have found several challenges with MDM, including integrating MDM with other technologies and issues associated with supporting large numbers of mobile devices. While some advanced organizations have overcome these challenges with MDM, Oltsik says that, overall, MDM remains an immature technology.

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Using IT to gain competitive advantage for your enterprise

Nemertes Research CEO and founder, Johna Till Johnson, says that the closer IT is integrated within corporations, the more innovation there will be. IT can be positioned in a company to lead technology innovation, thus creating a competitive advantage for that company. Johnson explains, however, that what holds IT from fully taking the reins of leadership is that IT professionals are seen as rigid and unresponsive instead of as trusted advisers to corporations.

Read more about what Johnson says about incorporating IT into business.

This was last published in February 2014

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