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Networking blogs: Legacy antivirus security software no longer useful?

Networking blogs: Analysts question traditional antivirus security measures and hypothesize on the structure of Cisco's new ACI.

Traditional endpoint security methods not sufficient

There's change in the air for traditional antivirus security software (AVS) as networking professionals continue to debate its efficiency. The 2013 Target data breach put the AVS industry under the microscope once again, writes Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Jon Oltsik. Oltsik explains that the malware used in the attacks, BlackPOS, easily circumvented Target's Windows-based point-of-sale security system to steal credit card information from millions of customers. The fact that the malware gained access so easily is bad enough. But what's worse, Oltsik explains, is that similar malware has been around for months and companies have failed to use more advanced malware detection and prevention software, such as that offered by Cylance, Malwarebytes or Triumfant.

Read what Oltsik has to say about the state of traditional AVS.

How can ACI work without OpenFlow?

PacketPushers blogger Eric Flores speculates about Cisco's new Application Centric Infrastructure, or ACI, and how it might work without using OpenFlow. Instead, he writes, Cisco appears to intend to use a trio of standards -- Virtual Extensible LAN, Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System, and Location/Identifier Separation Protocol -- to accomplish the tenant isolation, location services and routing necessary to meet its purpose. In this wide-ranging discussion, Flores theorizes how the standards might mimic a Multiprotocol Label Switching VPN. A disclaimer: Flores' opinion is his own and is not based on any official Cisco information.

Read the details of Flores' theory here.

Virtualization gains leverage in IT organizations

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Bob Laliberte explains that there may be a shift in power in the networking space as virtualization and cloud technologies become more influential in networking decision making. Since this will inevitably lead to new roles and responsibilities within IT organizations, Laliberte says network administrators need to figure out how to collaborate with virtualization teams. This shift will become particularly important as vendors begin marketing to virtualization teams, and big-time virtualization proponents like VMware and Microsoft encourage the new dynamic.

Read more about what Laliberte says about the power shift.

Amazon and Facebook don't have all the IT solutions

Ethereal Mind Blogger Greg Ferro urges users to stop looking to Amazon, Facebook and Google for infrastructure ideas. While all three companies may have achieved success, you cannot compare them to the needs and requirements of smaller, individual enterprises that do not have the same resources and company structure. Ferro compares the way companies function to bread making. While Google would be a bread factory that produces tons of loaves at a low cost, a startup is more akin to a bread machine with limited time and resources. Bottom line: Find your own solutions.

Read more about Ferro's bread comparison.

This was last published in January 2014

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