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Networking blogs: Dell takes a stab at PC security software

In this week's networking blogs, learn about Dell's PC security software and whether it has a chance of being competitive in the market.

Dell's most secure PC initiative presents a new opportunity

Dell has been well-respected in the PC industry for some time now. However, when it comes to endpoint security, Dell made a habit of asking its customers to choose among dozens of partner options to provide protection -- as opposed to offering its own product. Times have changed, however, and Dell is now offering its own endpoint security software -- boasting that it can provide the "most secure PC ever." According to Jon Oltsik, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) senior principal analyst, its approach focuses on authentication, encryption and malware prevention. Yet even though Oltsik argues there are still steps Dell must take if it wants to compete with the top companies, the company has a real solid chance to succeed.

To understand more about Dell's endpoint security and what Oltsik believes needs to happen in order for the company to be successful, check out this blog.

Reflecting on VMworld 2013

Now that the dust has settled from last month's VMworld, ESG analyst Bob Laliberte sums up what the annual meeting means to the networking world. He reflects on a good turnout, a focus on networking --including the rollout of VMware Inc.'s NSX and its ecosystem of partners -- as well as the importance of describing NSX as a "network hypervisor" to appeal to an audience heavily made up of virtualization technologists.

Read this blog post to better understand the importance of such an approach and other networking highlights from the conference.

Making Labkeeper a reality

For engineers, an option that permits them to test out software in a lab that can be easily accessed is a dream for many. Network engineer Jeremy Stretch is offering an option: a "centralized authentication and scheduling service" that allows people to share their training labs. According to Stretch, this service, dubbed Labkeeper, will offer engineers a reservation that grants them access to a particular lab or device.

To learn more about how Labkeeper works and what else has to happen in order to make Labkeeper a reality, read more from Stretch.

VMware NSX and Cisco ACI SDN offerings

According to blogger Keith Townsend, it's becoming increasingly apparent that Cisco Systems Inc. and VMware Inc. are in a battle to stay relevant in an industry that continues to transform. VMware has made the move to boldly reshape networking with NSX, while Cisco is eager to hold its reign over networking hardware -- a realm that has reached maturity, Townsend writes. While each company agrees that software-defined networking will become increasingly important, Cisco is making the argument that VMware's "software first" approach might not be the right model to follow. Is Cisco correct in its argument, or is VMware on the right track after all?

Read Townsend's opinion on whether a "software first" approach is indeed the way to go and if he thinks the lack of multi-hypervisor support within NSX is actually as big of a deal as Cisco is claiming.

This was last published in September 2013

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