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Networking blogs: Citrix advances IT as a Service offering

In this week's networking blogs, Citrix advances its CloudPlatform offering while VMware is urged to carefully target its NSX message.

Citrix embraces IT as a Service

Very quietly, Citrix has built up an impressive roster of enterprises and service providers that have deployed its CloudPlatform as an IT as a Service (ITaas) offering, writes Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Mark Bowker. With the introduction of CloudPlatform 4.2, Citrix has rolled out enhancements that range from private cloud isolation to object storage. But if Citrix wants its ITaaS offering to succeed, it's time for the company to get the word out about how good it is, Bowker says.

Read what Bowker thinks Citrix needs to do.

Using LISP to enable IPv6 connectivity

Cisco's Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) has a lot of uses, and one of them is to enable end hosts inside of an enterprise to be connected to the IPv6 Internet. Blogger Pablo Lucena at PacketPushers writes in great depth about how to exploit LISP's encapsulation mechanisms, covering such topics as configuration and addressing of hosts, zone-based firewall configurations and how to secure the newly exposed endpoint identifier IPv6 LAN leveraged through LISP.

See what Lucena has to say about LISP and how it can be used for IPv6 connectivity.

NSX needs some love from the right audience

According to Virtualized Geek's Keith Townsend, if VMware is going to successfully market its NSX platform, the company has to target network managers and not server administrators. As Townsend writes, server administrators are the ones who believe the network is broken and a new model is required. Network managers, on the other hand, don't believe anything is wrong with the network.

Read what Townsend believes VMware needs to do and how the future of the technology might weigh on who is the better salesman.

ThousandEyes and onePK, together for the first time

ThousandEyes Network Solutions, a San Francisco-based startup, is making some waves for its ability to test the performance of applications based on Software as a Service. Blogger Jason Edelman has some good things to say about the company, noting that it provides an IP service-level agreement specifically tailored to business-critical Internet-enabled applications. In this post, Edelman talks about integrating ThousandEyes' platforms with Cisco's onePK and the benefits that alliance might provide to network administrators.

Get Edelman's take here.

This was last published in October 2013

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