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Networking blogs: Are all VM backup solutions created equal?

In this week's blog roundup, learn about VM backup solutions and whether a Separate or Unified protection solution is right for you.

Using a separate or unified solution for protecting VMs

Whether to select a separate or unified virtual machine (VM) protection solution has long been a decision IT pros have had to make, but now IT admins should also be asking themselves, "are all VM backup solutions created equal?" Jason Buffington, a senior analyst at ESG, certainly does not think so.  According to Buffington, there are various factors that differentiate one virtualization solution from the next -- taking into account qualities like agility, flexibility and efficiency. In this blog post and video, he takes a look at ESG's recent report that examines separate versus unified VM protection solutions. He also offers some advice about what to look for when deciding on which VM protection option might work best for a particular company.

Want to learn more? Check out the blog and video.

How fast is it, really?                                  

Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) has long been known for being the slowest converging routing protocol. Yet how slow is slow, or, alternatively, how fast is fast? In this blog post, network architect Russ White attempts to measure the second question, breaking down the steps -- detection, notification, calculation and installation -- in fast convergence routing protocols. White focuses specifically on the "detection" stage, and asks whether or not that particular step can be moved along a bit more quickly.

Read more about the evolution of fast convergence routing protocols.

Gigabit Wi-Fi design: more devices, more capacity, more problems.

Once upon a time, office Wi-Fi was far from widespread -- companies placed wireless access points only in certain parts of their facilities because desktops still ruled. Today, the scenario is very different. Most workers prefer, or even need, wireless access to be able to reach the network via their mobile device or laptop. In this post, blogger WildDev discusses the impact of wireless access shifting to a "mission critical" standard as well as examines the implementations and products that have helped support this migration. More specificially, WildDev writes about FlukeNetworks' AirMagnet Survey Pro, a wireless LAN design product that was updated to support 802.11ac (the new Wi-Fi standard) and the challenges IT managers face when attempting to build a more complex Wi-Fit environment.

Learn more about the updates made to support "mission critical" Wi-Fi demand.

Want to learn a programming language?

Learning to program is not an easy task, and if the last time you took a programming course was in high school or college – it's time for a refresher course. In this blog post, Jason Edelman, a senior solutions architect, details his experience re-learning to program, more specifically to "Web program." Edelman writes about dabbling with LAMP stack, PHP (a component of the LAMP stack), RESTful API, various new Web frameworks and other general programming principles.

Learn more about Edelman's ongoing journey to become a programming whiz in this blog post.

This was last published in August 2013

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