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RouteScience update watches for WAN latency

RouteScience has updated its product for verifying the performance of distributed applications over wide area networks. It can now ensure packets from voice or video apps have priority over other data.

RouteScience Technologies Inc. has released a new version of its product for verifying the performance of distributed applications over public and private wide area networks (WANs).

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company's software, Adaptive Networking Software 5 (ANS5), keeps tabs on application data while it flows through the pipes belonging to network service providers.

ANS5 can measure the time it takes for packets to travel from their points of origin to their destinations. If performance is slower than predetermined standards, the application can adjust certain network settings or notify administrators through a variety of means.

In its latest release, RouteScience's software can now identify traffic types at the packet level, differentiating between e-mail, data from enterprise applications like CRM and ERP, and more sensitive voice or video traffic. ANS5 can set varying performance standards based on traffic type, and prioritize so that video and voice data is given priority over low-priority network traffic.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide users of distributed applications with the best possible experience, and reduce the calls those users place to their companies' help desks, said Tim Lee-Thorp, vice president of marketing for RouteScience.

Lee-Thorpe said that network managers can curtail latency problems that take place within their companies' data centers, "but once I take that data out of the data center and hand it off to a service provider, either an ISP or frame relay company, I'm at the mercy of my transport service."

Pricing for ANS5 starts at $2,000 for small, branch locations and ranges up to $55,000 for a large data center.

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