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BGP Design and Implementation: Effective policy control

This chapter examines BGP attributes and IOS tools and how you can use them to build complex and effective BGP policies.

BGP Design and Implementation

Chapter 4: Effective BGP policy control

BGP is first and foremost a policy tool. This results in BGP's being used to build very complex policy-based architectures. The protocol itself provides a list of attributes through which you can set policies. Additionally, Cisco IOS software further expands and enhances what is available with additional tools and knobs. This chapter examines these tools and how you can use them to build complex and effective BGP policies.

This chapter explores the various aspects of BGP policy control:

  • Policy control techniques
  • Conditional advertisement
  • Aggregation and deaggregation
  • Local AS
  • QoS policy propagation
  • BGP policy accounting
  • Case study: AS integration via the Local AS

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