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Puneet Mehta's 2004 industry predictions

See what Puneet thinks 2004 will bring.

We asked our site experts to give us their industry predictions for the New Year. Here's what our security expert Puneet Mehta had to say:

  • 2004 may be bright for the technology industry, but brings with it a whole new world of challenges. The last three years have marked an increase in the number of malicious viruses, denial-of-service attacks, network worms, and packet storms. The same continues in 2004 with an increase in the number of hackers and attacks.

  • Tech spending will increase in 2004, the major focus being IT security. But the trend towards adoption of new technologies will change and companies will lean towards mature- and developed technologies.

  • 2004 will reveal a new breed of security products from some of the biggest players in the networking industry. Voice over IP will become an important part of corporate telephony and communication infrastructure, but security will still remain a question.

  • Firewall appliances, VPN servers and intrusion-detection systems will still remain a hotly debated subject. Security administrators will be seen fighting integrating different technologies in their corporate network.

  • Wi-Fi technology will continue to grow and there will be a significant increase in Wi-Fi hot spots. Last year saw an increase in the adoption of wireless networks, which will continue to grow in 2004.

  • Spam traffic continues to grow and will constitute a major part of e-mail traffic.

  • 2003 saw a steady increase in the number of vulnerabilities reported each week. The trend will continue in 2004 with developing technologies exposing some new vulnerabilities.

  • As more and more companies turn towards trusted eBusiness models, trust, provisioning and identity management will be high on the corporate IT security agenda. Biometric authentication will find its place in 2004.

  • Web services technology will be the main driving force behind secure enterprise application architecture.

  • IT security training and certification will form a major part of corporate IT budgets.

    Puneet Mehta, Internet Security Consultant, SDG Corporation
    Puneet Mehta is a CISSP Security Architect, at SDG Corporation, an e-security consulting and a e-business software services and solutions firm headquartered in Connecticut.

    Puneet fields your questions about network security, including those involving PKI or encryption technologies. Ask him a question or browse his previously addressed Q&As in his Ask-the-Expert section.

    Puneet also offered his predictions in 2003. Want to see if he was on the mark? Click here.

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