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Top webcasts of 2003

Hear industry experts give you practical advice on everything from guaranteeing ROI to getting certified.

Did you miss our best webcasts this year? Luckily they are all archived in our webcast library for your enjoyment any time. Hear industry experts give you practical advice on everything from guaranteeing ROI to getting certified.

1. What is architecture?
Speaker: David Passmore, Research Director, Burton Group
Listen to expert David Passmore explain why it is critical to have a network architecture in place and detail the best practices for developing an architecture that works for your business.

2. Calculating the cost of network downtime
Speaker: Laura Chappell, Founder and Senior Protocol Analyst, Protocol Analysis Institute, LLC
Find out how to determine the cost of network downtime/outages on a per-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis using the Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis calculator.

3. Security certifications: Which one will you aim for?
Speaker: Michael Gregg, President, Superior Solutions, Inc.
IT pros that have networking skills combined with a sound background in security policy are in demand, especially if they're certified. Learn which program will benefit you the most.

4. Wireless mobility: Issues and solutions for the real world
Speaker: Tim Scannell, President, Shoreline Research
The wireless market is about to take off. There's just as big a risk to move to wireless too quickly than to not move in time. Listen to this webcast and find out how you can catch the wireless train and avoid being run over.

5. The real ROI of VoIP
Speaker: Steve Leade , president, Leaden Associates
What are the bottom-line costs involved with VoIP and equally important, what are the true cost savings you can achieve? Listen to this webcast to find out.

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