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2003's best expert advice

Our best expert Q&A's of 2003

As 2003 draws to the end, the editorial team would like to highlight our experts top advice for the year. Our site experts cover topics across the networking spectrum: routers, VPNs, network measurement, routers, certifications, security and more. Our readers ask our experts an average of 40 questions a week. Multiply that by the weeks in a year and it adds up to a stockpile of advice. Come meet our experts, and check out the year's best advice given in your area of interest.


1. Emerging Technologies (including VoIP) with Carrie Higbie
2. Network Measurement/Diagnostics with Dr. Jorgenson
3. Networking Fundamentals with Chris Partsenidis
4. Router Configuration with Sudhanshu Gupta
5. Network administration with Michael Gregg
6. Wireless LANs with Lisa Phifer
7. Training and Certification with Ed Tittel
8. VPNs with Inderpreet Singh
9. VPNs II with Jack Keane, Ph.D.
10. Network Security with Puneet Mehta
11. Help Desk with Sue Fogarty & Kara Gattine

1. Emerging Technologies (including VoIP)

Carrie Higbie

  • How does one convert peak minutes of circuit switched voice traffic into Mbps for VoIP?
  • What types of encryption are available for VoIP?
  • Are you aware of anybody making an adapter to convert PBX to VoIP?
  • What does ASR% mean?
  • What recent factors have addressed VoIP latency and reliability concerns?

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    2. Network Measurement/Diagnostics

    Loki Jorgenson

  • What are some good management practices for monitoring a network's performance?
  • How can I calculate bandwidth?
  • Do you have any suggestions as to why I am experiencing 84% packet loss?
  • What can I use for measuring utilization of a link?
  • Looking to measure performance results? Answer this first.

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    3. Networking Fundamentals

    Chris Partsenidis
  • Guidelines for designing a LAN
  • OSI Crash Course 101
  • Basics on subnet masks and IP addresses
  • How are IP addresses and subnet masks calculated?
  • MAC address tutorial

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    4. Router Configuration

    Sudhanshu Gupta

  • What is the difference between the functioning of the switch and the bridge?
  • What is router Initialization Process?
  • What is the difference between logical and physical segmentation performed by a router?
  • Do routers perform above Layer 3?
  • Steps to configure WCCP

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    5. Network administration and network security

    Michael Gregg

  • Load balancing
  • Can you help me with error message: ipnathlp event id 31002?
  • What is the real difference between Cat5E and Cat6 cable?
  • Is there any way to obtain the root password for Linux?
  • What would be the best IP addressing scheme for inter-networked organizations?

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    6. Wireless LANs

    Lisa Phifer

  • How secure is WLAN?
  • What limitations in 802.11b does 802.11i address?
  • How do you eliminate the risk of spoofing?
  • Heightened security to comply with HIPAA regulations
  • What is the difference between EAP and LEAP?

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    7. Training and Certification

    Ed Tittel

  • Can you suggest a program for VoIP training and/or education?
  • Is it normal for a CCNA with two years of experience to make only $25 k?
  • Which is more important for companies hiring IT people - a degree or certifications?
  • What do you think I should do first, MCSE or CCNA, CCNP?
  • With IT changing so quickly, how do we know what to learn in this chaotic IT world?

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    8. VPNs

    Inderpreet Singh

  • How I can compare different VPN software?
  • What is the difference between VPN and VPN pass-through?
  • Understand your VPN client/server configuration for troubleshooting
  • Is there any software to monitor the bandwidth of Cisco pix site-to-site VPN?
  • Where can I find documents to learn more about VPNs?

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    9. VPNs II

    Jack Keane

  • What are some VPN encryption possibilities?
  • What is the concept of address allocation in virtual private networks?
  • How does L2TPv3 tunneling compare to MPLS?
  • Does MPLS provide better VPN services than others?
  • I would like to know how to setup a small WAN for 15 students in a classroom environment.

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    10. Network Security

    Puneet Mehta

  • What methods can I use to protect our network from broadcast and multicast storms?
  • How can I prevent PCs on my network from downloading EXE files?
  • Could you help me with my firewall requirement analysis?
  • Protect your network inside and out!
  • Which is better - a firewall appliance or a dedicated machine running firewall software?

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    11. Help Desk

    Fogarty & Gattine

  • Could you please tell me what is the difference between a hub and a switch?
  • Could you explain the different types of cable and can CAT5e cable support Gigabit Ethernet?
  • Can you compare TCP and the OSI model?
  • Can you describe what VLAN is?
  • Could you give me a bit of background information on VoIP so I can understand the concept?

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  • Dig Deeper on Network management and monitoring

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