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Special coverage of Networking Decisions 2003

This year's Networking Decisions conference promises to be even better than last year. Read all of's coverage of the conference here.

Networking Decisions conference Web site.

Networking Decisions notebook: IBM's case for VoIP 7 Nov 2003
Highlights from various events at Networking Decisions 2003, including IBM's Johnny Barnes telling attendees that 80% of Big Blue's 300,000 workers will be using VoIP by 2008.

Network pros 'make security happen,' CISO says 6 Nov 2003
Prudential Insurance's chief information security officer values computer security professionals, but it's network admins that earn his respect when it comes to securing systems.

IP telephony to usher in new focus on networks 5 Nov 2003
A coming wave of network-centric applications in areas such as IP telephony will force many companies to significantly upgrade their network infrastructures, a Gartner analyst said today at the Networking Decisions conference.

Packaged apps may not matter, but networks do 30 Oct 2003
Forrester analyst Jean-Pierre Garbani says that, as the use of packaged applications levels the IT playing field, network performance will become an even more critical factor in determining a company's success.

Preaching the merits of protocol analysis 27 Oct 2003
Protocol analysis expert Laura Chappell shares her thoughts on common network security mistakes, XML traffic monitoring and the merits of teaching "black hat" techniques.

The barriers between you and a 'hack-proof' network 23 Oct 2003
Consultant and network security expert Jeffrey Posluns offers his insights on what prevents networks from being "hack proof," why wireless networks could soon be more secure than wired ones and how instant messaging can be dangerous.

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