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Data Center Directions

Where is the data center going? Browse through this collection of articles and webcasts for a look into the next generation of high-performance computing architectures.

Where is the data center going? Browse through our collection of resources for a look into the next generation of high-performance computing architectures. You'll find insight into preparing to manage, secure, network, and back up the data center of the future, as well as strategies for expanding your data center's capabilities into a new age.


  • Web services and the data center of tomorrow, part one | Column
    Where do Web services fit into the data center of tomorrow? Will they be at the core of things, or relegated to the sidelines? In large part, that will be decided by computing behemoths like IBM, Microsoft and Sun. Find out more.

  • Web services and the data center of tomorrow, part two | Column
    What will the data center of tomorrow look like? Most experts agree that it will feature grids, pay-as-you-go utility-style computing, and more flexibility in applying computing resources where they're needed on a moment-to-moment basis.

  • On-demand is an exercise in utility | Article
    The on-demand revolution is coming to the data center. Will you be ready?

  • Instant messaging to push the workplace envelope | Article
    In five years, analysts forecast, there will be 349 million business IM accounts and a whole new set of embedded IM capabilities. Do you have your company's IM environment under control and ready?

  • Mainframes: Ripe and ready for grid | Article
    So maybe it wasn't always thought of as a system suitable for grid computing, but the mainframe was born to implement a dynamic grid environment.

  • Virtualization: Unlocking the utopian data center | Article
    Virtualization promises to bring new efficiency and cost savings to data center operations, opening the door to cheaper services for customers. Despite its success to date, the technology may need to advance significantly before provisioning IT resources is as easy as turning on a faucet.

  • Biometrics may be too pricey, complex for data center | Article
    Data center managers and experts say that biometric devices need to come down in cost, and that integration difficulties have to disappear before those tools come to represent a preferred authentication method.

  • Understanding and overcoming the implementation challenges of utility computing | Webcast
    At this webcast, hear about implementation challenges facing early adopters of utility computing and ways to steer clear of these issues and get the most from utility computing initiatives.


  • Expert to CIOs: Be the 'CFO of IT' | Article
    Making data center investments isn't like buying a pair of kid's shoes -- you want to know they're going to fit in a few months. In this interview, ROI expert Tom Pisello talks to about what CIOs should be doing today to keep their data centers relevant.

  • Users fear iSeries will become extinct | Article
    There's no doubt that iSeries users believe the midrange server is being pushed out of the data center because IT pros are unaware of its advantages.

  • Job skills: What does the future hold for iSeries pros? | Column
    The iSeries job market is poised to turn around, and when it does projects on hold will start up. You can take steps now to ensure you have the right skills when that happens.

  • Managing the messaging explosion | Article
    Investments in key technologies today could spare your systems the burden of massive messaging growth, estimated at 40% per year.



  • XML traffic driving infrastructure spending | Article
    If a network is like a highway, think of XML messages as sport utility vehicles: They're big, bulky and there are more of them filling the roads every day. To patrol their network highways, many companies are turning to a few key XML-aware infrastructure products.

  • Data retention rules demand a group effort | Article
    An expert sets folks straight on the whys and how tos of meeting electronic document retention requirements in the data center.

  • Web services and the future data center | Webcast
    This Webcast will examine the trends and potential issues that IT operations executives will face in the future as Web service gain a dominant foothold as the IT architectural paradigm.

  • Leverage your network to deliver new applications | Webcast
    Listen to the archive of this webcast with Mike Jude, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates.




  • Sage says MS Datacenter was wise choice | Article
    Sage Telecom is a new-enough company not to be saddled with legacy systems so, with a wide-open choice for a data center operating system, it opted for Microsoft's Datacenter Server.

  • Being a dominant data center platform takes time -- even for Linux | Article
    Experts and enterprise administrators concur that Linux's ever-improving scalability and reliability make it a viable data center platform for the near future. Real-world issues like a sour economy and potential patent fights, however, could slow its evolution, experts warn.

  • Jury still out on Microsoft's data center impact | Article
    Two years after the introduction of a version of Windows for the data center, it is difficult to assess the impact it is having on a market dominated by Unix.

  • On-demand is an exercise in utility | Article
    The on-demand revolution is coming to the data center. Will you be ready?

  • Truth and lies about Linux scalability | Article
    In this interview, Peter Honeyman, director of the Linux Scalability Project (LSP), refutes claims that Linux lags behind in scalability. Honeyman also talks about the evolution of Linux's scalability and enhancements that are coming in the 2.6 kernel.

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