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CCNA Practical Studies: Router interface configuration methodology

This chapter excerpt will walk you through the methodology for configuring router interfaces, including Frame Relay and other types of serial interfaces, Ethernet, and Token Ring.

CCNA Practical Studies

Chapter 7: Router interface configuration methodology

This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Cisco Press. For more information or to order the book, visit the Cisco Press Web site.

This chapter covers the methodology for configuring the router interfaces. The chapter begins with configuring the Frame Relay interfaces and then continues with configuring any other type of serial interfaces, Ethernet interfaces, and finally Token Ring interfaces. When you are familiar with how to configure the various interface types, you will learn how to create and configure loopback interfaces. The chapter concludes with a brief overview of the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP). CDP allows directly connected routers to learn of each other and their capabilities. It is also a very good tool in determining whether you have Layer 1 and Layer 2 connectivity.

Learn about the following aspects of router interface configuration:

  • Interface connectivity and IP addressing
  • Frame Relay overview
  • Configuring Frame Relay interfaces
  • Configuring point-to-point serial interfaces
  • Configuring Ethernet interfaces
  • Configuring Token Ring interfaces
  • Creating and configuring loopback interfaces
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

This chapter is posted in full as a pdf file. To continue reading, click here.

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