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Entuity update calms network storms

The latest edition of Entuity's Eye of the Storm network management product examines several OSI layers to help avoid performance problems, and one test user says it has helped his company use fewer people to manage its network.

Network management is emerging as one of the hottest areas in the enterprise networking market. As companies try to squeeze more from their infrastructure, they are finding that they need to have a better assessment of their infrastructure and how it works.

One company, New York-based Entuity Inc., has joined this trend by offering network managers an easy way to view the performance of their ever-changing networks. Its latest product focuses not only on failures, but also on the degradation of connectivity that can preface a failure.

Entuity's Eye of the Storm Version 3.0 examines open systems interconnections (OSI) layers two, three and four in an effort to identify performance degradation and alert network managers before a performance problem surfaces, said Anne Beaupre, vice president of marketing for Entuity.

The product is meant to help network managers weather the dynamic stresses that on-demand computing can place on a network, helping them better understand a network's assets and making sure they are being used to their fullest, Beaupre said.

It was this ability that drew Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based Fluor Corp., one of the world's largest construction and engineering firms, to the product.

Fluor had recently outsourced one of its primary WAN links connecting offices in California with New Delhi. With IBM Corp. now running the network, Fluor lost a large portion of its networking staff.

Jay Joiner, executive director for global IT service delivery with Fluor, said that the labor-intensive monitoring tools that he used to use on the WAN links -- including CiscoWorks from Cisco Systems Inc. -- would no longer be viable with the smaller staff.

Joiner wanted to use fewer people to monitor the wide are network (WAN) connection when he came across Entuity's product. Though he has yet to fully deploy the product, based on test results Joiner expects that he will be able to monitor his service level agreements with a small staff. Because the product is software-based, he said the test deployment was simple.

Dennis Drogseth, vice president of industry analyst Enterprise Management Associates Inc., agrees that those are important selling points for the product. He said that it is easily used by admin-level employees. Even though most companies are not likely to use Eye of the Storm as a replacement for expensive systems such as Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView or IBM's Tivoli, he said enterprises could use Entuity's product as a supplement to the larger systems.

Entuity's Eye of the Storm Version 3.0 starts at $50,000.


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