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Take the Challenge, set 15

Take the Challenge, set 14

Do you consider yourself a networking expert? Test your knowledge and offer your opinion or advice by responding to the latest Challenge set. Review this list or visit the Networking Challenge forum to answer the latest Challenge questions and complete against your peers for High-Speed Networking by James Sterbenz and Joseph D. Touch. We would like to remind you that these are true questions that have been submitted to one of our various site experts. Due do the overwhelming amount of questions that are received on a weekly basis; our experts are unable to answer them all. That's where you come in -- show your networking skills and help your peers.

Question #71: --> --> --> --> .4pKlahFUvJF.16@.1dcf90b3/309>Server error "logon failure" with no network changes made
Just a few days ago, one of our servers started returning the error "logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer" whenever we try to connect remotely to it. We have made no network changes at all to cause this to start. There is, unfortunately, no more information available, as this doesn't appear in the event log. We are running NT4 with SP6a loaded. Can you provide some guidance?
Question submitted by Robert

Question #72: Connecting Mac though TCP/IP not Appletalk
I want to be able to connect Macintosh desktops (Mac O/S 8) to an NT 4 domain so that I can store MAC files on an NT share so that they are backed up overnight. I want the connection to use TCP/IP not Appletalk - how can I achieve this?
Question submitted by Dom

Question #73: Student asking advice on network set up
What is the best topology and type of network for a small company that employs 20 workers? I'm working on a network project for my studies where I'm having difficulty getting started. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Question submitted by Chiko

Question #74: Flushing single entry
Is there a way that you can flush a single entry in a switches' ARP cache (Cisco 3550) rather than rebuilding an ARP table?
Question submitted by Donald

Question #75: Split T1 connection from headquarters
I work at for a large retailer and that has a T1 connection. We'd like to split that one line for several computers. But the thing is -- that connection goes to corporate headquarters and we have a server that logs onto the corporate servers. How would I split the T1 line using a router where the server would still be able to log on without any problems?
Question submitted by Matt

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