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Take the Challenge, set 14

Take the Challenge, set 14

Do you consider yourself a networking expert? Test your knowledge and offer your opinion or advice by responding to the latest Challenge set. Review this list or visit the Networking Challenge forum to answer the latest Challenge questions and complete against your peers for a $25 gift certificate to our bookstore. We would like to remind you that these are true questions that have been submitted to one of our various site experts. Due do the overwhelming amount of questions that are received on a weekly basis; our experts are unable to answer them all. That's where you come in -- show your networking skills and help your peers. Next week we'll announce our latest Challenge winner.

Question #66: --> --> --> --> .nUKjaUcTuJz.17@.1dcf90b3/296>Recovering partitions
In setting up our Exchange 2000 server with a Win2000 Server DC, I let my experience with Exchange 5.5 get in the way and I partitioned the drive. Now I have an 8-gigabyte partition and an empty partition of about 31gb. The Exchange 2k server is operational and functioning properly. I want to reclaim the 31-gigabyte of space, and have the full 39 formatted gigabyte of space with one partition. Is there a way to accomplish this without lost of data? The 8-gigabyte partition is formatted with NTFS.
This question submitted by Milt

Question #67: Subnetting an IP address
After subnetting an IP address can we use those two addresses to be connected by a router?
Question submitted be Shaila

Question #68: Building a circuit
How can I build a circuit to cancel the crosstalk in DSL?
Question submitted by Drizz

Question #69: Book recommendations for FTP
I would like the names of books that provide good explanations about FTP and how it works, etc. Much of what I've learned has been from bits and pieces rather than from one central location.
Question submitted by Arfield

Question #70: Kazza restrictions
I would like to know about Kaaza restrictions for the Internet. What other programs are used to download music or other kind of data?
Question submitted by Raul

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