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Take the Challenge, part 9

Take the Challenge, part 9

Do you consider yourself a networking expert? Test your knowledge and offer your opinion or advice by responding to the latest Challenge set. Review this list or visit the Networking Challenge forum to answer the latest Challenge questions and complete against your peers for a $25 gift certificate to our bookstore. We'll announce the next Challenge forum winner on Friday, October 25th. We would like to remind you that these are true questions that have been submitted to one of our various site experts. Due do the overwhelming amount of questions that are received on a weekly basis; our experts are unable to answer them all. That's where you come in … show your networking skills and help your peers.

CHALLENGE #41: --> --> --> --> .wleZa3RHsH9.22@.1dcf90b3/238>Web services vs. Web applications
Question as presented to our experts:
What is the difference between "Web services and Web Applications"?
Question submitted by Suresh

CHALLENGE #42: FDDI network
Question as presented to our experts:
In my research I have found that a FDDI network has been described as having multiple tokens. What does this actually mean? And also would a multiple token concept work on 16Mbps token ring? I hope you could be able to help me on this query I have as I have had some trouble on this question. Kind regards.
Question submitted by Tony

CHALLENGE #43: Inverse ARP IP tool
Question as presented to our experts:
I need to find a shareware (low cost) copy (for Windows- NT/98/XP) of an inverse ARP IP tool. I have a MAC address and I need to resolve it back to an IP address. Thanks. (NOTE: The editors of ask that software vendors do not reply. This forum is for members to share their experiences and advice.)
Question submitted by Mike

CHALLENGE #44: Videoconferencing network
Question as presented to our experts:
What is the cost effective and efficient method of setting up a video conferencing network?
Question submitted by Israel

Question as presented to our experts:
Is it necessary to create logical interfaces while creating VLANs in Entarsys 8600? What will happen if we don't create interfaces and just create VLANs?
Question submitted by Amit

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