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Profiles in networking: Luis Medina

A series of occasional profiles on networking professionals who stand out from the pack continues with independent network consultant Luis Medina.

Luis Medina

Name: Luis Medina

Lives: Burlington, Mass.

Title: Independent network consultant, freelance writer

Age: 33

Education: Finishing bachelor's in management information systems, Northeastern University, Burlington.

Got started in the business when: After high school I got a job with the computer manufacturer Wang as a system operator. I started college as a business management major, but after my first semester changed to computer programming.

Toughest networking crisis: I don't think I've really had one. The hardest thing with security is knowing that there is no end point. There is no such thing as being secure forever.

Favorite piece of hardware: A firewall.

Non-computer job experience: I've never had a non-computer oriented job. Since I was a freshman in high school I've been working with computers.

Hobbies: Writing about security.

Favorite song: Anything by Steven Curtis Chapman

Favorite movie: None

Favorite book: I enjoy reading the new King James Bible.

Networking mentor: Ellen Cohen; she was a colleague early on when I worked at the government systems integrator, Mitre Corp., and indoctrinated me into the Unix environment. She taught me all things you can do with Unix.

Advice for new networking administrators: Be as technical as you can. Get exposure to many technologies and back it up with certification.

What do you like best about your career? I get to set my own challenges. I can pick and choose the projects that I work on.

What do you like the least: Not having enough time to do everything I want in a day.

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