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Take the challenge, part 7

Take the challenge, part 7

Take the challenge, part 7

Do you consider yourself a networking expert? Test your knowledge and offer your opinion or advice by responding to the latest Challenge set. Review this list or visit the Networking Challenge forum to answer the latest Challenge questions and complete against your peers for a $25 gift certificate to our bookstore. We'll announce our latest Network Challenge winner on Friday, October 11th.

CHALLENGE #31: --> --> --> --> .HZvCaFbHqrQ.20@.1dcf90b3/211>Baseband vs xDSL modems
Question as presented to our experts:
What is the difference between baseband modems and xDSLs?
Question submitted by Fariba

CHALLENGE #32: Troubleshooting network that shares DSL connection
Question as presented to our experts:
We are using a network to share one DSL Internet connection. But only the master computer can use Web telephones, MSN messenger, Netmeeting etc. for both ways. Others can't dial a phone or invite someone to in Netmeeting or MSN messenger. What should I do to correct this problem?
Question submitted by Deejay

CHALLENGE #33: Searching for a MAC address
Question as presented to our experts:
Is it possible to search for a MAC address on a Network? (In other words, if I know the MAC address can I locate the hardware?)
Question submitted by Ray

CHALLENGE #34: Frame/packet encapsulation
Question as presented to our experts:
Do frames encapsulate packets or do packets encapsulate frames?
Question submitted by Pinder

CHALLENGE #35: IT crystal ball
Question as presented to our experts:
I'm looking for an idea of what technology will be the next big wave.
Question submitted by Brendan

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